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   Vi's Massage 


Hey! Looking for a great Massage, at an even greater Price.  

"Cross BodyWorks" is THE PLACE to BE!

Offering!  Unique Packages with Unique Prices
You Can SAVE 15% OFF!!! (or more) when you buy multiple sessions.

Would you like to feel less stressed, relaxed and pain-free? Massage on a regular basis can help you acheive this goal by: lowering stress levels, increasing circulation, decreasing pain,  improving muscle tone and flexibility and detoxing the body, as well as increase relaxation. Join Vi's Massage Club(VMC) and receive 15% off everytime you purchase packages.

Package 1:  Three(3) one hour Massages    $195

                      Three(3) 1 hr Deep Tissue         $255

Package 2:  Three(3) 90 minute Massages  $255

                       Three(3) 90 m Deep Tissue       $375

Package 3:  Four(4) one hour Massages      $260

                      Four(4) 90 m Deep Tissue          $400

Package 4:  Six(6) one hour Massages          $390

                       Six(6) 1 hr Deep Tissue               $510

Package 5:  Six(6) 90 minute Massages        $600

                       Six(6) 90 m Deep Tissue             $750

Package 6:  Ten(10) one hour Massages       $650

                       Ten(10) 1 hr Deep Tissue           $1250

Package 7:  Sports Therapy Pack(incl:

                       Hot and Cold Stones with

                         stretching 4/90min.)                  $600

Package 8:   Hot Stones; Foot Scrubs          

                       Warm Bamboo Facial                 $200 per package

Package 9:   Vi's Massage Club Packages      15% off any package


These packages are designed with those individuals in mind whom want a membership rate, but not a membership committment.  Purchasing any package deal you will become a member of the club. Club privileges include Discounts, Spa Treats and Services. Purchase Introductory Package and Save Big.(New clients only or first time purchase of packages; one per person; all packages can be upgraded with time or spa treat.

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